Wednesday, January 22, 2014


In 2008 the voters fell for a line of nonsense and elected Barack Obama  President of the United States. He promised to “fundamentally change America.” I think we all can agree that is exactly what he has tried to do. This essay will try to examine some of those changes and how it is all turning out.

The first observation I would offer is that Obama was the most ill prepared individual ever to have been elected to such an office. He presented himself to the voters as an untried and unproven candidate who had never served in the military, held a real job, or accomplished anything of note in his entire life. Whatever there might have been to help identify his past was skillfully hidden from the public and left covered up by a media who became his partner in crime because they had apparently decided that he was their guy and they were not going to let anything or anybody stop him. It is clear today, however, to even the most liberal among us that his presidency has been an unmitigated disaster. To those disappointed supporters I would ask, “What did you think was going to happen?”

Obama has surrounded himself with like minded toadies who never question him. Consider Eric Holder. Last week he decided that public schools had to stop disciplining young black male students. He believes they are singled out and disproportionately punished. Yeah, and the prisons are disproportionately loaded with black prisoners. The reason for this punishment is clear. They commit most of the offenses, period. I think Obama and Holder and their ilk seem to be engaged in a “backdoor reparations scheme.” It’s as if they intend to get back at white America for past wrongs and perceived wrongs, but after all, what did you Obama supporters think was going to happen?

Obamacare appears to be another “reparation.” It was sold as insurance for the thirty million low income people who had no insurance. It is now collapsing as many expected and it is going to take years to recover from this particular government intrusion into private business. The Administration refuses to tell the truth about the program or its failure preferring instead to continuing lying to America in an effort to save this dying turkey. Didn’t Obama’s mother ever tell him that liars always get caught? He is tweeting that six million have signed up for Obamacare but of course that isn’t true. The smart money says the number is something less than two million and most of those are among the most heavily subsidized. The young people, whom this program absolutely must have, are not signing up. So what we have here is a failed government program and a president lying about it. My question is, should anybody really be surprised? Was somebody expecting a different outcome?  

The number of food stamp recipients has exploded due to Obama’s lowering of  the requirements. Disability claims among able bodied individuals is also rising to dangerous levels. Welfare receiving unwed mothers are increasing at alarming rates. Should anybody be surprised?  

Prior to the election of this charlatan, many warned of this outcome. But we were ignored. Now we have to survive his last few “lame duck” months. The best way to do that is coming in November. We will have an election wherein we can take away his cohorts in the Senate and make certain we have a House that respects the American people and our Constitution. I believe the American people are going to take back their country. In the face of all that has happened during Obama’s presidency, and considering his total lack of preparation for the job, what did you think was going to happen?

Ron Scarbro January 22, 2014

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