Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I wrote recently about a fact of war. In war there are no ties, only winners and losers. Secondly, a war is never over until a winner and a loser have been established. Another fact is that wars are generally won by the best armed and the best equipped. That country with the best fighting force with the best leaders and Generals are usually the winners.

Consider now Israel. Israel is fighting a war but not a war against another country. Israel is fighting against a terrorist group known as Hamas. Hamas is armed and supplied by Iran whose objective is to annihilate Israel. They are currently using Gaza as their base and setting up their missile launchers in schools, mosques, hospitals, and other civilian buildings. They do that because they are cowards and choose to hide behind women and children. They do this because they mistakenly believe Israel will not fire upon such sites.

Well Israel has evidently decided, for once and for all, to end the continuing harassment and shelling by Hamas. Israel is eliminating the Hamas threat.

Some countries have apparently decided that Israel is a bully for taking this action against this small country and this very small contingent of fighters. Our own president has been strangely very quiet about the action being taken by Israel. I choose to speak and to speak loudly about this event.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said on many occasions that if Hamas stopped their constant shelling of Israel, this war would be over. If Israel stopped firing though, Israel would ultimately be destroyed. It is clear that Israel doesn’t want to expand their territory. They just want peace and security.

Here are some more facts. Israel is by far the best equipped and the best armed country in the region. They are our ally. Their Generals are the best trained and the best educated. What this all means to Hamas is they had best learn to swim because Israel is not going to stop until Hamas is driven from Gaza and into the Mediterranean Sea.  

For years now Hamas has been poking at the sleeping bear and today that bear has awakened. The bear is angry and the bear is going to seek out and destroy those who have been poking at him. And if you are paying attention Iran, you might want to start practicing up on your backstroke. You may want to reconsider arming groups like Hamas because Israel just may hold you responsible for what has happened. I hope they do and keep going until the entire Middle East comes to understand that Israel is here to stay. That could be very bad news for terrorist supporters like Iran. With the weaponry in Israel’s hands Iran could be reduced to rubble in a matter of hours.

There are some clear lessons to be learned here. Much to the consternation of Iran and many other Middle Eastern countries, Israel is here to stay. Another lesson is that Israel doesn’t particularly care what other countries think. There is definitely going to be collateral damage but any blood that is spilled will be on the hands of cowardly Hamas and their supplier, Iran.

Ron Scarbro

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