Thursday, July 10, 2014


You know what’s funny? Obama is snubbing his nose at Hillary and supporting Elizabeth Warren to follow him in the White House. After all that Hillary has done for Obama from lying about Benghazi to getting Bill to help him win his re-election, she is dropped like a hot rock. I think it is funny. If Hillary expected anything else from the “Emperor” she misjudged him. Oh, and I don’t care. She should have known better.

Do you know anything about Elizabeth Warren? Neither do most people. She is an ultra liberal Democrat from Massachusetts who has been in the US Senate for two years. She literally makes Obama look like a Tea Partier. She is a part of the anti-gun, northeast liberal establishment determined to destroy this country and turn it into a European cesspool. Just a few short years ago in our history she would have been arrested for treason. She is bad news with a capital B. The problem is that she has a constituency in this country that could actually number into the forty percentile of voters. For a certainty these are the low information voters who for the most part are government program dependent, the ill-informed who get their news from the elite media, and the so-called education establishment from liberal colleges.

What is truly disturbing is that these types could never win a national election if the traditional thinking Americans would just get up off their rear ends and vote on Election Day. Haven’t we seen enough of what happens when these liberals are put into positions of authority?

Today we have several crises facing us. We have another Middle Eastern war heating up. We have the IRS running a criminal enterprise and lying to cover up. We have dead Americans who haven’t seen any justice because liars won’t fess up. We have a punk North Korean dictator threatening war because of a movie he doesn’t like. We have a true disaster on our southern border as Central Americans are deciding to abandon their children for us to take care of. This because our President refuses to obey the law and his oath. He is causing these problems and now believes he should name his successor. God help us. Haven’t we had enough yet?

It is frightening to know that our very existence as a free country often hangs on five to four decisions of the Supreme Court. What would happen if the liberals were given their wish and could seat just two more justices on the High Court? That is what is at stake. It is probable that the next president will have the job of appointing at least two justices. We desperately need a majority in the Senate also.

I dislike fear mongering but it is incumbent upon all of us to take this stuff seriously. We absolutely cannot entrust our government to any more morons. Just look at what the last six years has produced. Our first opportunity to retake this country is this November. Do not let the election be decided by low and no information voters who haven’t a clue. And they are not as bad as people who should know better. Educated people who so believe in their superiority that they think they know what is best for the little people. This hierarchy of morons would be the first to be displaced if Socialism were ever to find a home in America.

As for me, I don’t like Obama, Hillary, or Warren. They are all dangerous to this country. They all should be snubbed.

Ron Scarbro

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