Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Are we becoming two Americas? Are we half liberal, Democrat, progressive and the other half conservative, Republican, traditional Americans? And if we are, can we ever get together at some level for the good of the country? In my several years on this planet I have seen many Administrations come and go. I have seen successful Democrat presidents and I have seen successful Republican presidents. I fondly remember Democrat Harry Truman and I also fondly remember Republican Ronald Reagan. Some of the Administrations had like thinking Congresses and some had to deal with opposition in Congress. Regardless, most of these Administrations were capable of governing and successful with their attempts.

Don’t get me wrong. Most elected Administrations have had to work to get the job done. But, the job, for the most part, got done. In my lifetime America has been involved in several major wars and many more so-called police actions. Most but not all were concluded with America and her influence in tact.  

Today we have evolved to a state of debilitating non-compromising, party first, country second, I win, you lose politics. The people we have hired to govern seem to prefer their political party over their country. Bickering has become the order of the day. We are involved in an interminable war in the Middle East that has lasted over ten years, the longest war in our history and there seems to be no end in sight. Scandal after scandal keeps popping up. Government agencies and lifelong civil servants seem incapable of doing their jobs and even less interested in the good of the country.

Poll after poll finds the American people fed up. Fed up with both the President and the Congress. Today President Obama has the lowest approval ratings of his presidency.  Congressional approval ratings are much lower yet. The people are also fed up with civil servants who refuse to answer questions and explain their mistakes and misjudgements.

Have we gone too far to recover? Can people of good faith, people who love this country, sit down and work out satisfactory solutions to our problems? Everything isn’t politics. For the good of the country sometimes the Republicans have to win. For the good of the country sometimes the Democrats have to win. The most important thing is that the country wins.

Today we have major problems facing us. Our never ending war in the Middle East for one. We have scandals which will not go away and they must be resolved. Now we are faced with possibly the most dangerous issue we have seen for decades. That is the invasion on our southern border of illegal aliens from all over the world. We absolutely cannot afford this influx of illegals. They are who knows who from who knows where. They bring nothing to this country but problems and costs.

It is past time for adults, liberal and conservative, to get together and fix the messes. They are not going away. We are not two Americas. We are one country that needs to resolve its differences for the good of the whole.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

It is hard to remember there was a time when the country and it's problems were more important then politics and looking good on TV. The only ones you can blame are the voters. They have to wake up from the fantasy they live in or else they will see what it is like to live like the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

23% of voters are Republican, 29% are Democrat and 45% are Indie. So half traditional Americans, and half liberal and supposedly not American in any way, is a silly way to start your article. If you want the two parties to come together, what exactly do you want them to bring to the table and settle on? What are the Americans and the Democrats willing to give up? As for the problem at the border I agree there is a problem, however, there was a problem when the Irish and Italians came bringing nothing but crime and useless vagabands who worked for nothing with those useless Orientals to build all the railroads, etc. I for one want those jobs picking fruit and veggies and other minial jobs opened up to all those folks already here who want them! Oops, no one does!Just a few thoughts from one of the forgotten 45% who are neither, American Republican or progressive American or even part of debate I guess? Someone better talk to the Catholic church since they want them all illegals to come in. Gives them more parishioners. Just some thoughts.