Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Some people say there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. For a certainty the lines have blurred over the recent years. For example, I don’t believe Harry Truman could be a Democrat today. It is possible that even John Kennedy might be a Republican according to today’s standards.

As for me, I vote Republican most of the time. I don’t always go along with the “company line,” but the Republicans seem to come closer to my way of thinking than anyone else.  I see myself more as a traditional American than a member of a particular party. To me, the opposite of my traditional thinking is the liberal view. I believe, as do most when polled on the subject, that America is headed down the wrong path and that path is being led by liberal thinking.

All across the world we can see the problems associated with liberalism and socialism. Just look at Greece. They are out of money and have no way of obtaining any unless they borrow it. In order to borrow money they must adhere to new and stringent austerity rules imposed upon them by their creditors. That would be a major change for the Greek people who have been cared for in a birth-to-death socialistic society; a situation which can no longer be provided. Their economy, and therefore their lifestyle, is unsustainable period. And Greece isn’t alone. Many of the little countries which have been supported by the Eurozone are facing the reality that money doesn’t grow on trees and that their free lunch is disappearing.

Are we far behind? Let’s face it. We have been living on borrowed money for several years. We have unfunded liabilities up the wazoo. Social Security and Medicare are going to run out of money. I was just told by a VA employee that the VA is out of money and cannot fulfill its promises to our veterans. I am one who has been told that they cannot afford to pay for my complete procedure coming up very soon. It’s funny though that the food stamp program hasn’t run out of money or the free cell phone program. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Some say we should just start up the printing presses and print more money. I think that is what they have been doing and that has certainly contributed to our problem. So, what should we do? What would we say if our creditors suddenly required us to adhere to more stringent austerity rules in order to continue to get credit? The reality is that there are a huge number of people in this country who contribute nothing to the bottom line. They are essentially wards of the government. Between subsidized housing, cell phones, school lunches, food stamps, subsidized health care, and welfare checks on top of it all, they are takers, not contributors. How would they survive if the money spigot was suddenly turned off?

Traditional thinking favors self reliance and self responsibility. Traditional Americans don’t want to see anyone starve but by the same token, they don’t want to see them without any self respect. This lack of self respect is what leads to a house full of children born without a father present. These children then go out to face a world without knowing responsibility. They have never known anybody with a job. They think the gravy train will never run out. The sad truth is that the train will come to an end.

Money is created by producers not takers. Regardless of what the liberals would have you believe, ours is a top down economy. Takers produce nothing but more debt. For us to regain our status in the world, we must return to more traditional thinking and practice. Wow, I think I just heard a train whistle.

Ron Scarbro

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