Wednesday, July 15, 2015


As a young man I traveled extensively to San Francisco. I went there both for business as well as pleasure. It was a beautiful city. I was always struck by the smells of San Francisco. Down on Fisherman’s Wharf the odor was definitely fishy or you could say the smell of the sea. Nearby was the fragrance of baking sourdough bread. In the Italian section one would smell pasta sauces and sausages. Then there was Chinatown. You never knew what you were smelling, just that it always smelled good. There was also the other side of San Francisco. During my time of visiting the city the hippies were going strong. If you happened to get to the Haight-Ashbury district there was always the distinct odor of dirty humans. You see, the hippies didn’t see the necessity of bathing. The city was always multicultural and diverse.

I will travel to San Francisco never again however. Over the years they have apparently decided to separate themselves from the rest of the country and make their own laws, laws that are in direct opposition to American laws. They became a “Sanctuary City.” As such they are one of many cities which have decided they don’t have to obey American law. Specifically they encourage and allow illegal aliens from all over the world to be housed there without fear of deportation. They give lawbreakers sanctuary.

Of course everyone knows of the beautiful young lady who was murdered and died in her father’s arms killed by one of these protected illegal aliens, one who had been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times. He was in San Francisco because he knew he would be protected from the law.

The alien has now been arrested and will doubtless die in prison, but that should not end the story. Today the Sheriff, the Mayor, and the entire Board of Supervisors should all be arrested and charged with complicity to murder. They are all as guilty as if they were supplying the gun. They are all as guilty as if they were standing arm in arm with the killer. Their actions caused the death of this beautiful young girl.

I know there are many other “sanctuary cities” and I know there are many other crimes being committed by illegal aliens. One is too many. Some say that the great majority of illegals are hard working people who never break the law and just try to take care of their families. That is probably true. But, they broke the law entering this country. In most countries in this world they would be summarily rounded up and sent packing. In some countries they would be jailed or even executed.

One still hears the tired old statement that these illegals do the work that Americans will not do. I think a truer statement is that they do those jobs because their employers can get away paying them less than they would have to pay legitimate American citizens. Many are paid “under the table” with no tax requirement. I have even heard that forty percent of the economy of California is underground and in cash. It would be real hard to prove or disprove because there are no records kept.

Municipalities which give sanctuary are complicit in the crimes committed by illegals and complicit in the crimes committed by the employers of those individuals.

The matter of illegal entry into this country is not going away. The matter of an unsecured border is not going away. There will be a day of reckoning and it is coming soon, and it is not going to be pretty.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, how can we ask our children to obey laws when the supposed leadership of our towns and communities laugh at the rules and decide which ones they will and will not obey.

Abby Nichole said...

Don't you think the term "alien" is a bit dehumanizing?

Ron Scarbro said...

To Abby Nichole,

No I don't think "alien" is dehumanizing. I don't call street level drug dealers undocumented pharmacists either. The popular view of those on the left is to try and control the language which has the effect of controlling the agenda. People who trespass into this country and try to take our bounty do so with stolen IDs. They should be rounded up and sent packing to whatever country they left from. Eventually they will be sent home or they will choose to leave on their own when they discover they cannot steal any more from us.
Thanks for reading the blog though.