Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The image was poignant. It was a picture of the front of the military recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tennessee with the sign announcing, “Gun Free Zone.” It was riddled with bullet holes. Has there ever been a clearer statement of the fact that bad guys don’t go by the rules? Gun free zones only apply to law abiding citizens. All others make up their own rules.

The ruling established in the early ‘90s that military personnel cannot carry weapons on duty in this country is blatantly stupid. I was in the military and was trained in the use of many weapons. I was qualified on the .45 caliber pistol, the .30 caliber M1 rifle, and several machine guns including the famous “burp gun.” I was also qualified on the use of hand grenades. In other words I was trained to kill as were all of my comrades in the military. I was even chosen, because of my proficiency as a shooter, to be on a military rifle team to represent the Army in competitions. I doubt that there is anyone in this country who gets more or better training in the use of weapons than our military including the police.

Here is our reality and it is a reality even if it is politically inconvenient or politically incorrect. Radical Islam extremists are at war with us. We didn’t choose this war but we are in it regardless. These morons are going to pop up and strike at any time they choose. They are not going to warn us or play by any rules of civilized societies. They are killers and are motivated by the insanity of their leaders who use an ancient religion as some weird justification to kill. And, this is not going to go away. This war will end when we end it and not until.

Consider this. Some of you will remember what happened to the Japanese Americans during WWII. Innocent farmers and normal citizens were rounded up and put in camps as a method of control and in our faulty opinion at the time, a way of protecting ourselves from the “inscrutable Japanese.” Is that what is next for American Muslims?

We are told constantly that the vast majority of Muslims living in America are peaceful, loyal American citizens. I believe that. I am sure that the vast majority of Japanese Americans living here during the war were also loyal American citizens, but we rounded them up and hauled them away anyway. Putting them in these camps was a catastrophic mistake, but we did it anyway.

I do not believe the Muslims among us will suffer the same treatment as the Japanese, but it is incumbent upon these loyal American Muslims to get control of the radicals in their population. They need to be aware of the goings on in their Mosques. We will never allow them to take our country from us. We will never live under Sharia law. We will never treat our women as less than goats or sheep. If they are to live here, they need to understand what being an American means.

Now this final point. Today a new policy must be announced. All uniformed military personnel must be supplied with hand guns and armed at all times and all must be given concealed carry permits to allow them to carry even in civilian clothing. The radicals are targeting our men and women in the military and we must allow them, even require them to protect themselves and anybody who might be near them. Like it or not, we are at war and our army is designed to kill people and break things. Politicians should just attend cocktail parties and leave the defense of the country to the military.

Ron Scarbro

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