Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The IRS last week made an astounding announcement. They reported that as many as 1.9 million illegal aliens in this country had stolen or fictitious social security cards. Hmmm. Let’s see now. Our own government has said time and again that there are about 11 million illegal aliens in this country. So, if only 1.9 million have stolen SSNs, what are the others using for identification? What are they using to apply for welfare, Federal benefits, and any other goodies they want? Plus, what if I told you that the real number of illegals in this country was much closer to 25 million?

I set about trying to learn if and how so many illegals can get social security numbers. Trying to uncover the volumes of gobbledy goop that is government speak is a chore best left for lawyers who specialize in language designed to be unreadable. One report that I read stated that the Social Security Administration issued well over ten million social security numbers to non-citizens in the last few years. Why? Why would we issue social security numbers to non-citizens? According to the explanation, these cards are used for identification, to file taxes with the IRS, to apply for benefits from the Federal Government, etc. etc. There seems to be no end to the lame excuses our government uses to attempt to legitimize illegal aliens in this country. Don’t these government agencies understand the meaning of the term “illegal?”

Here’s a reality. Illegal aliens are just that. They are people who have trespassed into this country and live here illegally. Any service or benefit they receive, whether it be welfare, emergency room medical care, education, food stamps, or any other goodie, is received by them illegally. They are stealing from the legitimate citizens of this country and it needs to come to a stop.

This past week our House of Representatives passed two major pieces of legislation designed to curtail the illegal immigration problem. One dealt with “Sanctuary Cities” and the other was known as “Kate’s Law.” These bills are now on to the Senate and then to the President where he has indicated he will sign them.

The Sanctuary Cities bill would withhold Federal grants and funding from any city which refused to obey Federal Immigration law or refused to communicate with ICE regarding illegals in their cities.

Kate’s law, named for the tragically murdered young lady in San Francisco, Kate Steinle, will automatically land individuals in Federal Prison for a minimum of five years and up to ten years if they return to this country illegally after being deported. This law was introduced a while back but Harry Reid refused to allow it to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. One of the many reasons you are unemployed Harry. I have asked this before and I would ask it again. Who could be against Kate’s law?

I have watched a TV show called Border Wars and it basically deals with the problems of our southern border. Time and again the people they arrest have been arrested many, many times for illegally trespassing into the US. Many of them go back and forth across our border as if it wasn’t even there. They bring drugs. They bring their poverty, and they bring disease. They come to have their children born in American hospitals. It’s a win win for them. One, the hospital stay is free and two, their child is automatically an American citizen. That’s another bit of nonsense that has to come to a stop.

Here’s a test. Trespass into Canada and try to get some of their free health care. Trust me. It will not end well for you.

Social Security numbers should be reserved for American citizens as they were always intended. This well could be one of the main reasons the Social Security Administration is running out of money and in such a mess. We need to get  handle on this now.

Ron Scarbro

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