Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I continue to be amazed by the Obama Administration. This time they have really stepped in it. Initially they decided to dictate to the Catholic Church that they and their associated businesses and schools must offer health insurance covering contraception and abortion.  It’s all a part of Obamacare. Well, all hell broke loose. So, they backtracked and just decided that insurance companies would have to provide these coverages for free. Never mind that they do not have the authority to make these requirements. No, they just made a decision. I guess they thought this would make this matter go away. Wrong. Contraception and abortion are sins according to the Catholic Church. Such actions are against the Catholic Church’s tenets and doctrines.

This essay will not offer an opinion on abortion or contraception. No, this essay will deal only with Obama’s dictatorial desires and his latest power grab. What you believe about abortion is your decision. What you think about contraception is your choice. This is still America and we are still free people and we will not sit still for this latest attempt by Obama  to become supreme ruler.

Once again I need to offer Mr. Obama and his assistant, Joe Biden, a Catholic by the way, some proper reading material. It is called the Constitution of the United States and the Bill Of Rights with particular emphasis on the first amendment, “freedom of religion.” We the people did not elect an emperor, we elected a president. Your so-called executive powers do not include dictating to a worldwide religion what they must think or believe. You, Mr. Obama, are not the arbiter of thought to the billions of people who disagree with you. You are a politician who will soon enough, not soon enough for me however, be back on the street looking for work. Most, if not all, of your executive orders will be rescinded by your successor. Your services to this country will be a footnote in history somewhere just below Jimmy Carter and whoever follows you will have a huge job of fixing the mess you have created. They will have a completely legitimate reason for blaming their predecessor for the problems they face.

Here is some reality for Obama and the new lefty Democrat party. The huge middle of this country which incidentally produces the food for the entire country, and where the majority of the guns owned in America dwell, and where people live out their lives minding their own business, these people are not going to sit by and watch their country being turned into a European-style socialist state. It just isn’t in our nature. Today you may control the media and you definitely have your supporters, most of whom are on some sort of government dole, but, and this is a big but, you don’t have the people you would need to pull off what you have in mind. Most of the people in this country still love freedom and liberty and still believe in personal responsibility. Most still work for a living and are not on the government dole. These are the people you will never convince to give up their freedom and their way of life.

There is soon going to be an accounting. It is called election day. I firmly believe the gig is up. The American people will not be duped any longer. It is clear to any thinking person that Obama is just not qualified to serve as President of these United States. I believe it will soon become clear to the Democrats as well.

Never in the history of this Republic has there been such obvious and overt attempt to subvert the Constitution and try to overthrow the government by an elected official. This war on religion is just the latest attempt to grab power and usurp the freedom and liberty we enjoy as free Americans. It must and will come to an end.

Ron Scarbro February 15, 2012

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Anonymous said...

This is one time when I must disagree with you. Yoy have only to look at our elected officials and the pool of politicians we have to choose from to realize the American people don't appear to have a sense of anything except what the media is telling them. It's almost as if people are drugged by the media and are no longer able to think for themselves. I personally have no desire to live in Europe or Mexico or any place other than the United States, the problem being it is hard to tell the difference anymore. I hope and pray you are correct and they will be booted out of office but I'm not holding out much hope.