Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Have you heard what is happening at Vanderbilt University? The PC Patrol is alive and well at Vanderbilt. This is the latest from this bastion of correct thinking as seen by elite education scholars. Vanderbilt has decreed that any club or group or gathering on the University campus must be open to include anyone who would want to join that group. The most cited example is a Christian group who must allow the entry of atheists if they want to join. If a prayer group starts up, they must allow any person to join that group that chooses.

Let us take this out to its inevitable conclusion. As an example, Mensa, an organization of geniuses, would have to allow the entry of less than intelligent individuals. Today, to join that group, one must pass certain intelligence tests to determine one’s IQ. Only high IQ’d individuals are allowed in.

Another example might be a Muslim group. That group would have to allow infidels if it met on the campus. Can you just imagine how that would go down? At Muslim Prayer time the devout Muslims would get on their hands and knees for prayer and the infidels would be over in the corner having a kegger.

If the young Republicans wanted to have a rally, they would have to include the Democrats, the Socialist and even the Communists. After all, we don’t want anyone to feel excluded or isolated even if, by their own choice, they are isolated.

This essay will not even get into the problem this policy creates for the Greek groups. Can you imagine someone wanting to be a part of a society but was not acceptable to the group as a whole? Some Greek societies have GPA requirements for membership. That would have to be eliminated. Fraternities and sororities would have to be co-ed. Under no circumstance could there ever be exclusivity at any level.

So what do you suppose is really going on here? What do you imagine is really the aim of the University administration? I suspect this is a move on their part to eliminate religion from the campus. This is clearly another example of the liberal war against religion. It is just that simple.This started as a move to require the entry of atheists into a prayer group who just wanted to cause trouble in that group. Now, because of the policy, which clearly was not thought out, all kinds of mischief is afoot. This again is an example of political correctness run amok and its inevitable outcome, and as usual it seems to find its origins in the ivory towers of big colleges and universities.

When is this nonsense going to end? I have a simple explanation for the PC Patrol. There can be equality without sameness. To further explain my thesis, which seems to be necessary when dealing with the college crowd, everybody is not the same. That doesn’t mean they are not equal. Everybody doesn’t want the same thing, or to worship under the same religion, or to unite with a group with whom they have nothing in common. Birds of a feather do, in fact, flock together. The last thing a group of hummingbirds want is a crow in their midst. And judging from these latest pronouncements from Vanderbilt, the last person I would want in my group is a University policy setter. My group has no place for morons.

Ron Scarbro February 8, 2012

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Anonymous said...

I think I am politically incorrect because I have a hard time tolerating liberal morons.
Bo Lumpkin