Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Do you know who Dr. Steven Chu is? Chu is our little known Energy Secretary. With little effort one can learn much of his biography. He is a strong advocate for the unproven junk science of “global warming.”  He famously said that he longs for our gasoline prices to reach the levels of European prices, now approaching ten dollars a gallon, which, he opines, would force us to abandon big cars and suburban sprawl requiring us instead to live as Europeans stacked on top of one another in big cities. He is cheering as the prices continue to rise. He is Obama’s main man.

Obama and his liberal crowd apparently don’t consider the fact that rising prices on gasoline takes away trillions of dollars consumers could and would be spending to help us out of this economic malaise we’re in. In fact the biggest single factor afoot today to stall our recovery is rising gas prices. Why do you think Obama  refused to allow the Keystone pipeline to be constructed? Why do you suppose he has forced closure of offshore drilling and exploration? Do you really think he cares about the environment? No, ladies and gentlemen, this is about social engineering. This is about enforcing a leftist idea and attitude on the unwashed masses who are too busy watching “American Idol” and texting their BFF to pay attention to the fact that their pockets are being picked and their futures are being destroyed.

A short time ago I wrote that Obama had the opportunity to show true leadership by approving the pipeline. He also had the opportunity to fail in that leadership by doing what he did. The rising gasoline prices are laid at the feet of Barak Obama and no one else. He cannot blame anyone else and he cannot spin his way out of it.

What is it going to take to wake up the American people?  Is it going to take ten dollar gasoline to get their attention?  If you think grocery prices are high now, what do you suppose will happen with ten dollar gas? You want to fly somewhere or ship something? You want to take a vacation?  Do you want to do something as old as the American people and just take a road trip? That may disappear forever unless we change out the bunch that has taken over our government in Washington. Can you imagine what would happen to small business when they cannot afford to pay to ship? Of course they would have to either downsize or just close down. Folks, this is serious. This isn’t just another election. This may well determine whether or not we, as a country, continue to exist.

Dr. Steven Chu is wrong. The Obama administration is wrong. We doubtless are experiencing global climate change, but this has been going on since the beginning of time. It is nothing new. The response and reaction by these few extremists could very easily set into motion a chain of events which may be irreversible. Wake up America. We have to stop this nonsense now.

Finally I would ask this question. Is this what you want? Are we headed in a direction you would choose? Will you be comfortable paying ten dollars for a gallon of gasoline? Are you ready to forever give up your American dreams and live like the stacked Europeans? Is it your desire to live under the dictatorship of a bloated government? If you think a trip to the DMV is bad now, imagine when everything you deal with is controlled by government. It will be the Post Office and the DMV all rolled into one.

We have a choice. We can change the direction of this country. We have the opportunity to once and for all to get rid of these morons who are ruining our way of life. It is up to you and me. If we don’t fix this mess, God help us.

Ron Scarbro, February 29, 2012


Jeff L said...

I couldn't agree more, Ron. So why aren't the Republican presidential candidates making this their number one platform? Why is it only the middle class that seems appalled by this? In 2008, crude oil peaked at $148 per barrel. Today it's trading at approximately $110, yet we're paying almost as much at the gas pumps now as we were back then. More importantly, in November of 2008 (the same month that Obama was elected president) the average cost per gallon was around $1.72. Four years later, gas has increased by over two bucks while Obama has occupied the White House, which yet again begs the question... Why aren't the Republicans beating this drum to death!?!

Ron Scarbro said...

Now there'e a hell of a question. Maybe none of them think we are serious about this. The next few months are going to be very interesting. Thanks Jeffie for the comment.


Jwo- said...

I couldn't agree more with Jeffie's comments/frustrations and hope you're right re: the Reps waking up! As has been discussed to death, the Left has done a great & insidious job of securing 3 main verticals in their fight against the Right/Constitution. They've captured the Media (spit!), Education & Hollywood (more spit!). We're cranking out more Socialist daily from our schools, programming them regularly from the TV pulpit and grandising/normalising dependence & demonizing independence in our entertainment. It sickens me to no end! The brainwashed populace's response will be to look to government to support them, when the bottom drops, verses watching, learning, understanding & reversing the madness. For the life of me, I don't know why we haven't started construction on our Parthenon...'cause that's where we're headed! As my Daddy would opine, "the bad news is we're quickly turnin' to sh**! The good news...we're making great time!" :^(