Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Okay, here it is. Another week, another scandal. Before the VA mess can even clear itself from the front pages, Obama faces the press with great news. We have managed to get the Taliban to release the last prisoner they had held for five years. Never mind that we had to exchange five murdering terrorist Taliban leaders for this one soldier, we got him back. On the face of it, it sounds like great news, but, and of course there is a but, now we are hearing the rest of the story.

Reports are surfacing that the soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, wasn’t just a prisoner of war. It seems that five years ago he deserted his post, left his weapon behind, and left a letter explaining that he had become disillusioned with the Army and America. He apparently was either captured or turned himself over to the Taliban. We didn’t forget about him though. Regardless of the circumstance of his desertion, we still have been looking for him. Over these past five years we have tried to find him. In fact we are told that at least six soldiers have been killed in the search and it could be many more. Bergdahl is currently in Germany in a hospital being treated for who knows what and is being hidden from the prying eyes of the press and the American people. We are being told that he no longer speaks nor understands English. He was sporting the requisite Taliban beard, as was his father at the press conference. Oh, and his father offered a prayer in some Middle Eastern language praising Allah for his return. It’s probably nothing, but it did get my attention.

Like you, I don’t know the circumstance of his desertion or the swap that got him back. These are the things that I do know.

First, Obama violated the law by swapping prisoners without a thirty day notice to the Congress. He tells us that because Bergdahl was in failing health they didn’t have the opportunity to wait the necessary thirty days. It is possible that he is telling the truth, but there is an even greater possibility that Bergdahl is perfectly healthy and Obama is lying. This is probably just another political act trying to change the subject. After all, he has a lot of reasons to try to change the subject. The VA mess is just heating up and it is going to get a lot uglier before it is resolved.

Benghazi is going to be vetted and that truth is going to be told. There is no place for this administration to hide. The IRS scandal is going to be completely out in the open. Like in the VA mess and the Benghazi lack of action, there will be criminal indictments and people are going to jail.

The problem with this swap deal is that we seem to have traded five terrorists for a deserter while a Marine Sgt. sits in a Mexican jail for committing the crime of making a wrong turn at the border. And no one in the Administration has said a word about that situation.

I understand that nothing is a fact yet concerning Bergdahl. But, if it turns out that he truly deserted his post and we released five killers to get him back, that isn’t going to look very good for Obama, huh? Either this Administration is completely incompetent or they are purposely releasing terrorists to empty Gitmo. Which scenario do you prefer? And all you Democrats hanging on his coattails, are you paying attention? Are you hearing what America is saying? It might be time to head for the hills.

Ron Scarbro

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