Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Iraq is heating up again. Are you surprised? I’m not. It really is very simple. A war is not over until one side wins and the other side loses. If a country, for political reasons, decides to pull out or “cut and run,” that may end their involvement for a time but it doesn’t end the war.

At some point we decided that Iraq was worth our effort enough to spend billions in money, thousands in American lives, and years in time to defend. For political reasons and because of pressure from leftists like the New York Times and MSNBC, we decided to leave Iraq before our job was done. Listen, I love it when we can bring our soldiers home, but only when the job is done. Now that miserable little country is left to the radical killers who do not represent any country, carry no flag and who do not recognize any country’s border. These are not people with whom one can negotiate or establish treaties. These are blood thirsty baby killers whose only goal seems to be a worldwide domination using their sick interpretation of an ancient religion as justification.

America and her Western allies have always fought clean, civilized wars. We recognize basic rules of human decency. Sadly we are facing an enemy who does not follow any such rules. They don’t have the intelligence to understand that they have absolutely no chance of any victory if we decide to stop them. Our problem is really quite simple. We have not decided yet to stop them and end this war.

World War II lasted five years and our enemy was convincingly destroyed. We and our allies took all the fight out of them. We made it clear to them that they had lost. Peace treaties were signed and the war ended.

Our current involvement in the Middle East is going on thirteen years with no end in sight. Our citizens are weary of this war but our enemy hasn’t begun to get it. They still think it is just a matter of time when they will win and take over the entire world and all will bow down to their prophet. You and I know that is never going to happen but we still have to convince our government to bring this war to an end.

This is what we are going to have to do to end it. We have to take the fight out of them. We have to kill enough of them to convince them that all that is left is to die for a lost cause. We are told that they don’t care. Whatever. War against this type of enemy is a lot like capital punishment. We may not teach the offender that we execute anything, but at least he cannot kill again. When enough are killed, their forces are reduced to a point of complete ineffectiveness. To those who would say that there would be too much collateral damage, I submit that the more breeders we take out, the less likely more killer radicals will be produced. In addition, we must punish any country or government that gives safe harbor to these thugs.

To some this may seem harsh. To them I would ask, do you have a better idea? Do you really think these radical Islamist fundamentalists are going to just quit and go back to goat herding?

President George W. Bush said after 9-11 that the radical Islamists decided when this war would start and we will decide when it ends. It will be over when we say it is over. It is entirely up to us and our resolve. In war there are no ties, only winners and losers. It is up to us which we will be.

Ron Scarbro

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