Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I really am getting very tired of liars. From the White House to the IRS to the candidates for public office. From weasels like Nixon and Clinton I could understand it. Now it seems everybody thinks its okay to lie and lie about everything.

I have listened as IRS Commissioner John Koskinen continued to speak his “talking points” in an apparent effort to take the heat off both the IRS and the White House. I listened as the Congressional investigators accused him to his face that he was lying. The Commissioner didn’t even seem to be concerned that he was accused of this breach. He didn’t even blink. It seems that lying has become acceptable.

Well perjury is never passe. I just saw a poll that showed 76% of voters, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, believe the IRS is lying about the missing e-mails written by Lois Lerner and others. A vast majority of Americans believe that this investigation should continue until all the facts are known. Unless and until the IRS clears up this violation of law, public trust in this most important agency will disappear. If you think we have had financial problems in the past just imagine if people refused to comply with what Sen. Harry Reid calls voluntary income tax payment.

Just look back a few years at some examples of lying and what that lying has caused. Both Nixon and Clinton learned quickly that, as is always the case, the cover up is worse than the original act. Nixon had to resign in disgrace. Clinton even lied to a Grand Jury which led to his disbarment as a lawyer. As we used to say, his mother must be truly proud. Clinton came within a whisker of being kicked out of office.

Today the clowns in Washington haven't seemed to learn anything. Lying is the order of the day. Look at Benghazi. The official story was concocted in the White House and out went the minions to try and sell it. Of course we have all now learned that the official story was just a preposterous lie designed to take heat off of Obama. Today those lies continue  now to take the heat off of Hillary.

And speaking of Hillary. According to the new book by Edward Klein, Blood Feud, the Clintons vs the Obamas, Hillary has some serious health issues. She may well be incapable of serving as President or in any capacity because of heart valve problems as well as brain tumors. She can lie about it but the truth will be found out.

VA officials will be held accountable for the deceit they have perpetrated on the American people. No amount of lying will make that go away. All lying is bad but what the VA has done is despicable.

Remember the Aesop fable of the boy who cried wolf? He lost his credibility by lying and when the wolf really did come, no one would help.  An analysis of the fable has as its final sentence, “There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.”

This is what I know. All of the lies will be found out. All of the deceit will be discovered. All of the guilty parties will be punished. We will soon have a new administration and a new Attorney General. There will be no place to hide. Everything everybody in Washington says is recorded somewhere. My old grandpa used to say, “Keep your words soft and sweet. Someday you may have to eat them.” Never has that been truer than today.

Are you as tired of liars as I am? Remember these are our employees. How much will you put up with? Liar, liar, pants on fire…..

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

Well, here we go again. Thanks, Ron!

Regularly, I lay awake frustrated beyond my ability to release & sleep. We (assumption) all love our country yet for some reason, we can't come together and say "ENOUGH"! As my Daddy would teach, "the Devil never comes to you spitting fire...but smiling, with his hand on your back, denying anything's wrong and that your lying eyes have deceived you". He's the master of subterfuge, deceit and distraction. "Look over here at this shiny thing...not the fire being waged behind you...nothing to see here...move along...all is well".

Sound like any elected someone that comes to mind? Any GROUP of people that jealously guard their power? When Dinesh Sousa's movie '2016' was shown, his research was absolutely spot on! Yet, ignored by the "Legions" blindly promoting their team. But I wonder if there's another team complicit as well? The 'establishment', whether Right or Left, is threatened. I believe the reason all the scandals have been so largely bungled by the Right is from hiding their own complicit 'demons' and protecting their powerbase. I would not be surprised if some of Lois Lerner's emails had both White House AND Congressional Right addresses copied. The plot thickens...

My Daddy also said, "you dance with the Devil...the Devil ALWAYS leads!"

We can't sit this one out any longer, folks. Vote these assholes out! Demand the Constitution be followed and stop this lying madness! It's not Right vs Left...its right vs WRONG, good vs EVIL, Capitalism vs SOCIALISM. Let's drop the monikers of Republicans, Libertarians & Democrats. We can all agree on this (I think?):

* Balanced budget amendment
* Flat or Fair tax vs the IRS immoral insult
* Energy independence...F*** OPEC
* Secure our borders and enforce laws
* Focus on military technology and become so invincibly strong that no one can threaten
* Protect Israel against all enemies and let the Middle East chew cactus & suck wood
* Lead/uplift the World to freedom & opportunity through self-initiative and commerce
* Outlaw Socialism as a constraining and failed vehicle of slavery
* Enforce the Monroe Doctrine

It's time the Liars leave and we return social & fiscal responsibility to our way of life!

Maybe this vent will allow me to sleep tonight...but I doubt it. POS-in-Chief obama & his asswipes will undoubtedly deliver another lying insult before bedtime...