Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We are being told that Obama was surprised that the country wasn’t dancing in the streets when Bergdahl was released by the Taliban. We are being told that his whole brain trust thought this was going to be a great political victory that would take all of the scandals off the front pages. On to big wins in the mid-term elections with new found energy. Oops.

It would be easy enough to suggest that they didn’t check out this soldier before they jumped into the deal but I think it is much worse than that. The Obama Administration is made up of college preppies who have never put on the uniform of their country. They don’t have a clue as to what the military is all about. I heard the other day that these people think desertion on the battlefield is like skipping school.

Most of the males of my generation either served or at the very least knew someone very close who served. When we were young we knew that we either joined up or we would be drafted. Most of us didn’t enter the military for any particular patriotic reason. Most just wanted to do their duty and get it over with. As for me, I wanted adventure. I had lived my young life in relative safety and security and wanted to see what the world was like. The military was a quick way to get away from home and see the world.

As a young recruit I was taught the rules and I was taught the consequences.  One of the most important rules I learned was that a soldier never, and I mean never, deserts his post. Deserting on the battlefield is punishable by death, period. Every soldier who has been through basic training knows and understands this law. I learned the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” as every soldier learns. There is no nuance in these rules and laws.

While serving my initial enlistment I also learned that the military was not the life for me but I am eternally grateful for the experience. I entered as a boy of seventeen and got out three years later as a man. As a veteran I continue today to reap the benefits of my service.

So the Obama Administration has traded five Taliban generals for one soldier who by all accounts is a deserter. The New York Times, in an effort to try and justify this abomination, has written that Bergdahl probably deserted because people in his unit weren’t nice to him and there was lax discipline. They want you to believe that the Army, not Bergdahl, is responsible for his desertion. That, dear readers, is a load of crap. In their zeal to carry the water for this unbelievably incompetent administration, they are willing to indict anybody and everybody to make this go away. Sorry, New York Times, this is not going away.

What should happen next is for Bergdahl to be tried by Court Martial and if he is found guilty, punished as the law allows. If it is found that he collaborated with the enemy, he should be tied to a stake and shot through his head.

Sadly we can’t court martial the Obama Administration. We can, however, continue to add up the screw-ups and incompetent acts. We can ask the voters if this is the kind of government they want. Even as skeptical as I am, I cannot believe the voters will not hold all this against the Democrats. It is not necessary to list the scandals again, but it is helpful to be aware that no one in this Administration seems to be learning. How much longer can we put up with this? How much longer will we?

Ron Scarbro

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