Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The Obama Administration has handed down a new edict. Henceforth and forever after, public schools must allow individuals the use of the bathrooms and locker facilities based not on their gender but on their perception of their gender. This edict covers all public schools from elementary through college.

Hmmm. What could possibly go wrong with this latest bit of ridiculous nonsense coming from the infertile minds of brainless leftist morons? Let us consider the first evil thought that comes to mind. What if a teacher, male or female, decided to go over to the other side, in other words, mentally change sexes, and visit the bathroom of the opposite sex? How about the locker room and shower? Would you be okay with that? Under this proclamation from Obama, no evidence or proof is necessary for one’s declaration of sexual identity. Our history is replete with incidences of sexual perversion of adults on children.

Evil thought number two is much simpler. Let’s say a group of thirteen and fourteen year old boys decide to shower with the girls. All they have to do is say they are now transsexual and identify more with girls than with boys. According to the liberals, there is nothing wrong with that. How would you like your young teenage girls to be exposed to that scenario? Again I ask, what could possibly go wrong?

Taken to its logical conclusion, this edict has to include sports teams. Boys would be welcome on the girl’s team and vice versa. Since they are now sharing locker rooms and showers, this has to be the culmination of the liberal’s dream.

Have we gone stark raving mad? Boys and girls are different. They are different for a specific purpose. We, as humans, are a part of the animal kingdom. It used to be said that we were at the top of that kingdom, but now I’m not so sure. The difference between the sexes is for the sole purpose of reproduction. A male, regardless of his preference or choice cannot get pregnant. A female, regardless of her preference or choice cannot produce sperm and impregnate another female.

Now I understand there are homosexual males and females. That’s a mental condition, not a physical one. I raised livestock for many years and of the thousands of animals I have seen, and remember humans are also animals, I never saw a homosexual cow, pig, or horse. So then I conclude homosexuality must just be a human condition, or choice.

But wait Ron, transgendered people are not necessarily homosexual. Okay, whatever. Boys decide to be girls because they like their clothes? And girls decide to be boys because they get to ride motorcycles and drive pickup trucks? Maybe it’s just envy. One gender thinks the other has a better situation. Woody Allen, weirdo movie producer, once said that he would be a bisexual if for no other reason than to double his chances of getting a date. Again, whatever. These are questions better left to psychiatrists.

I am pleased to report to you that so far three states, Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina have told the Feds that they will refuse to obey the new edict. Texas said they will not be blackmailed by the Obama Administration. The government’s response is that Federal money will be withheld for education. Where do you suppose the Federal Government gets their money? Why from the states, of course. What if Texas and the other states decide that future federal income tax will be sent directly to the states and not the Feds? Don’t forget, we have a tenth amendment to the Constitution. Oh, and Texas isn’t even a state. It’s a Republic.

This latest overreach by the Federal Government will fail and fail big. Sane and sensible people will take charge and the weenies who came up with this latest nonsense will fade into the dust heap of ridiculousness.

Ron Scarbro


Jwo- said...

Here's how I'd solve this (prior to reversing this incredible stupidity)...if a biological man wanted to go pee in a women's room because he 'felt' he was a woman, I'd augment this ruling to include mandatory kicking him hard in his 'man nuts' first! If he remained standing, I'd hold the door and say, "go on in, maam". If a woman wanted to pee in a man's room or share a locker room, I'd first hold the door open and let her enhanced senses smell/see just what such a disheveled, nasty, overflowing 'shooting range/gas chamber' Men's Rooms are. If she STILL wanted to enter such a nasty place to squat and do her business (much laughter), I'd say, "yeah...hahaha...go ahead on, sir". A urinal is a 'target'. A toilet is a 'throne'...except in a Men's Room...where it is regularly treated like...well...a target!

R. Lee Ermey-type psychiatry and smiles aside, none of the above relates to underage. Kids are innocent and today, are largely programmed by the immoral, Leftist world, in which they live (education, entertainment, media) to even CONSIDER such abnormalities as normal & everyday. They've yet to acquire the tools to think rationally and these abnormalities must be introduced externally. Such fertile minds will accept much such weirdness, with the same alacrity they accept rational teachings of old. Even most teenagers can't think autonomously but regurgitate tightly held, crap-logic taught by the most inept intellects they can find...i.e., their friends. (I'm currently living with two of these and my suicide clock is closer to midnight than ever...hell, I never even knew I had a suicide clock until a few years ago!) Regardless and back on point, this new policy is logically immoral, stemming from an amoral person, administration and movement.

To answer the subject question, yes! We have gone stark raving mad by a large, RIDICULOUSLY sensitive, Socialist-programmed, historically ignorant segment of our populous electing this anti-American, muslim, homo-obsessed, ideologue and his ilk!!! And sanity in politics cannot return soon enough! GO TRUMP!!!


Anonymous said...

The larger question looming here, I feel, is who is actually the driving force trying to bring this issue to fruition? (And “jwo”, please spare us the “psycho, socialist, brain-sucking, baby-stealing, mind-bending, liberal, ideologists from the left are” tirade. That rant gets old. Instead of complaining about your teenage children and blaming them for making you suicidal, maybe try giving them a hug or taking them out for a Baskin-Robbins. Heaven knows it might do all three of you a world of good.)
I mean, politically speaking conservatives rule both the congress and the senate, so it’s not coming from there; publicly, I don’t see huge marches of militant “transgenders” with axes and machetes demanding to “tear down that wall” that separates the men’s and the ladies’ restrooms.

I don’t mean to bring up a sports topic in your political blog, Ron, but it sort of reminds me of the ballyhoo about the NFL’s Washington Redskins nickname. How many Indians (aka Native Americans) have actually complained about the moniker? Six, possibly seven? Yet many in the media want us to think that the term “Redskin” is akin to the “N-word”.

And if you are a dude who’s dressed up like a babe (or vice versa), and you’ve done it convincingly enough to fool the average bear, then swiftly proceed to the bathroom stall, close the door behind you, do your business, wash your hands and get the hell out of there! Now we’re back to “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell”!

I know that it’s often the case that the voice of the few can stir up enough grief to change things catastrophically for the masses, but the momentum this cause has received is simply baffling!

Jwo- said...

Anonymous, the truth in any tone of voice works and it don't hide from the light! This craziness is all on obama's(spit!) Leftist's ilk and you know it and that sermon NEVER gets old! I'll preach it until they're all in prison or barking in HELL! But then I imagine you MAY be tired of our current reality...I know I am! I'm living in a Twilight Zone episode...along with the rest of us...(I actually laughed at the accurate, analogous, hyphenated descriptions you gave describing the true!) ;^D

Your 'parental' advice on my exaggerated inside humor re: my step-kids aside (targeted audience), I actually largely agree with your response. There seems to be little-to-no difference between the established Left & Right, in our political elites' sure 'aint ours, anymore! That's why I'm a Trump supporter...besides absolutely frothing with hatred for Hillarbitch, the lyin', crooked, womanizer's enabler! But I'll save that tirade for another of Ron's posts. Why is it that the small, vocal, almost statistically insignificant crazies in our society seem to wag the dog? The Left pick their battles based on their knowing how easily they can exacerbate their emoting, clueless fringe, then shape the message & the battlefield...and there's more and more being programmed to join the ranks every day! As my late Dad would say, "its a sad, sad TALE...of woe!" ;^)

As for me, I agree with a favorite of mine, W. C. Fields..."kids are like elephants...they're nice to look at but you don't want to own one!" ;^D And no Baskin-Robbin's...only old-fashioned homemade ice cream, from my late Grandmother's recipe, in this house! And no suicide...IT WAS A JOKE!




P/s...on a somber & reflective side note, one of my childhood best friends was the son of the man who introduced Baskin-Robbin's to the Southeast, back in the 70's (Kinnett's Dairies, Columbus, GA). Our families were incredibly close and I traveled back to Columbus to attend his funeral, about two months ago. A great Christian man, a wonderful life-long friend/mentor who lived to see his 90th birthday. RIP, Mr. Prescott! :^(

Anonymous said...

Wow, jwo, you’re not very good at taking hints, are you?

I think anyone that visits Mr. Scarbro’s weekly blog knew beyond a shadow a doubt that you’d blame Obama, and basically him alone, for this misguided mission, thus you could have used the time taken to write your response more productively, like reading up on dealing with “Anger Management” or learn some relaxation techniques. (Two words for you to ponder – “Try Decaf”!)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means but I think there is a deeper undertaking here. Obama will already go down as the President that brought about LBGT equality and civil rights, including same-sex marriage, so I have a rough time believing that adding the stipulation of making it okay for “Junior and Sissy” to share a high school bathroom and locker room as being that vital to this portion of his legacy. (And a weak legacy it is - the highlight being exterminating bin Laden during his reign, but I think most of us agree, over the past eight years there have been far less “highs” vs. the “lows”.)

And I’m sure I’ll regret this, but back to you, jwo – sorry about stirring up downhearted memories when I cited Baskin-Robbins (usually the mere mention of ice cream makes people cheerful, but apparently NOT you). I had originally typed in DQ when suggesting you commit an act of kindness toward your teenaged kids, but I immediately changed that because I was worried that even the concept of something with the word “Queen” in it would send you spiraling into a homophobic whirlwind that might cause you to go on a rampage and start tossing hand grenades into all of the local florist shops in your community, and I did NOT want to be responsible for that!

One last thought: Instead of hijacking Ron's blog every week, why don't you start one of your own? You obviously have a lot on your mind - share your thoughts with your fellow extremists. Add Trump to your list of recipients. Maybe he'll name you his Director of Communications!