Wednesday, May 11, 2016


You can’t always get what you want. So the song goes. As I look at the current situation in this election I am reminded of the youngsters who, when playing marbles, decide since things aren’t going their way, they take their marbles and go home. In a game of marbles such a decision isn’t going to hurt the country. In the game of political elections the country could be hurt very badly. In fact the election of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be a disaster for the whole country.

I said early on that my choice for President was Mike Huckaby. Sadly he wasn’t the choice of the majority of primary voters. So my choice now is simple. I can either vote for the nominee of the Republican Party, probably Donald Trump, or I can sit it out thereby voting for Hillary Clinton. You see if I don’t cast my vote I automatically am voting for Hillary. For me that would be like fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

Some are saying Trump isn’t conservative enough. To you I would ask.  Is he more or less conservative than Hillary, or Bernie? Some have even said that Trump is not “presidential.” Is Hillary, a proven lying opportunist, presidential?  How about “Give away Bernie?” Is he presidential? There is no perfect candidate, there are for sure terrible candidates, but there are no perfect candidates.

To the elitist GOP pundits who have been bashing Trump, what are you doing? Do you really want Hillary as President? Do you really want this money grubbing hack naming the next several Supreme Court Judges? Haven’t we seen enough of the Clintons? Don’t you realize that your constant degrading and bad mouthing of Trump is harmful to this country? Like it or not, he has amassed a majority of the votes in the primaries. The voters are clearly sending a message. They are not happy with the way things have been going and they are going to see to it that things change.

Obviously the Democrats have their problems too and they are numerous. Their choice is between an announced and admitted Socialist and an individual who could very soon be dressed in orange. Hillary’s legal woes are not just going to magically disappear. The FBI is not for sale. They will conduct a complete and thorough investigation and it is under way. I personally believe an indictment is imminent. That is when it all hits the fan for the Democrats. For the sake of the country I would hope that that indictment comes down before the election. Joe Biden has already started hitting the Sunday chat shows. He and the sensible Democrats know that they must have a back-up.

In the meantime we wait. We wait for the FBI to conclude their investigation and turn the whole mess over to a Grand Jury. We wait for Trump to get together with the so-called Republican elites and come to an agreement.

I wish Trump would name his VP selection and in fact his whole cabinet very soon. He will obviously select the absolute best available minds both from academia and politics to assist him in his task of governing. The world needs to understand that there will be a new sheriff in town and he will not be anything at all like the last. America will be great again but that is mostly because Barack Obama will be retired from office. Our friends will rejoice and our enemies will cower. A new day is coming.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

Ron, I can't believe anyone with half a brain isn't convinced that Hillarbitch is guilty. I was raised by generations of solid folks with grounding, sensibilities and rational assessment, at their instant command. Making leaps in judgment, without critical & incisive consideration, is broadly and aggressively discouraged. While I've not always been successful at practicing this, I'm definitely getting better. ;^) Its referred to often as "Country Logic"...if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs that themselves BECOME ducks...chances are...its a duck. See how that works? (I'm preaching to the choir)

Hillarbitch, besides having NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS she can tout, so far in her life, is as broadly & specifically guilty of treasonous acts, disregard for rules & regulations and arrogance/above the law my Benedict Arnold! However, I am distrusting of the powers-that-be and highly discouraged that she will ever be held accountable. Why? Because in our America of today and under the influence of the Left, there are those 'elites' that are definitely ABOVE THE LAW. Hence, I have no confidence that this lying, murdering POS will ever be APPROPRIATELY disciplined. I sure hope your thoughts on this are right and my fears are unfounded!!! The color 'orange' has never held such a pleasing allure!!!

I'm with you re: Huckabee...I voted for him against McCain and would have done so this time, were it not for his broad in-electability. I'm all in for TRUMP! The pushback from the 'Right Elites' just proves the incestuous and complicit relationship between the Right & Left, in our government. They are all involved in the same disingenuous game, along with the media, split the profits and we...the American public...get the shaft! Trump threatens all and I would vote for him for that alone! Our system doesn't necessarily need a re-vamping but a shake up...our Congress' reward & recompense should be tied to bottom-line results and all excessive considerations (tenure, pension, insurance, et al) should be the same as the populous or revoked, all together. I could write pages on all this but I won't.

Good read (and thoughts), as always!