Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Over the past few Presidential elections it has become clear to me that Presidents are chosen by a few big densely populated states and major cities. That’s the way the system seems to work. Those states have huge populations and they are predominantly Democrats.

Our House of Representatives, on the other hand, is based on the population of all the states. There are 435 voting members of Congress each representing a Congressional District. The Senate is made up of two Senators from each state thereby totaling 100 Senators.

Our Constitution allows for three branches of government. The Executive which would be the President, the Legislative which is the Congress, and the Judicial, those being the Judges and the courts. Each branch has a specific job and specific responsibilities. It is not now nor has it ever been the job of the Executive Branch to make laws. That job is left to the Congress. It is not now nor has it ever been the job of the Judiciary to make laws either.

The election of Obama started the country in a different direction. A direction the majority disapproved of. While he was elected President, he decided to be King. He has chosen to ignore law and the Constitution. The people then decided to slow down this egomaniacal would-be King by electing a Republican Congress. That appears not to have worked out so well.  This newly elected Congress of Republicans has decided to be the “King’s Court” instead of doing their real job of holding the reins on Obama. Is it any wonder that outsiders are dominating the election conversation today?

I can’t speak for the majority of Americans but I think a lot of people would agree with me that we are headed in the wrong direction. Of all the problems facing us today, Obama chooses to get involved in an issue that affects approximately .003% of our population, those being transgendered people. His issuance of edicts, which he sees as completely legal, are wrong headed and unenforceable. The people are not going to give up their privacy in the public bathrooms nor are they going to allow that privacy to be compromised in schools. The people are and will continue just to say no.

Obama has signed an illegal treaty with Iran which is completely unenforceable. Now it turns out that the press was lied to and coerced into supporting this illegal treaty. As an aside, it doesn’t seem too difficult to coerce the press into believing the Obama White House. Incidentally all of this has happened while the “King’s Court” stood by and allowed it to happen.

Obama is denuding the military by firing our best Generals. He has always refused to listen or take advice from them so now he seems to believe it is easier just to fire them.

Twenty-six states have sued the Federal Government over an Obama edict allowing for the citizenship of illegal aliens. In court hearings, government lawyers lied to a Federal Judge concerning this edict. They told the judge that no one had yet applied or been processed for this new citizenship. That turns out to be a lie. In fact over 100,000 individuals have already been processed. The judge is rightly upset. A number of lawyers could face serious legal problems.

One of Obama’s henchmen, John Koskinen, the head of the IRS is facing impeachment for his illegal actions. The smart money says he will be found guilty and could face prison time.

Another of Obama’s toadies, Hillary Clinton, is barely staying ahead but losing in her fight to stay out of prison. What’s going to get her is the Mickey Mouse foundation she and Bill are using to amass wealth for themselves. She is a short timer in the world of politics.

The people are fed up. The King and his court are in serious trouble. If any Congressperson wants to keep their job, they better get busy and do it.

Ron Scarbro

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